Andrea Casali: Vocals & Bass
Silvio D’Onorio De Meo: Guitars
Emanuele Casali: Keyboard & Guitars
Filippo Berlini: Drums

Astra was born in 2001 as an instrumetal progressive metal band, composed by Emanuele Casali (keyboards), Andrea Casali (bass), Silvio D’Onorio De Meo (guitar) and Emiliano Bonini (drums).
Few months after Aniello D’Agostino joined the band as a singer. Astra started perfoming as Dream Theater cover band and in 2002 they became the Official Italian Dream Theater Tribute Band until 2006.

Meanwile, the band changed two different singers: at first, Stefano Diamanti, and after Titta Tani, and in 2004 Filippo Berlini joined the group as the new drummer.

With this new line up, they wrote and realised two albums: “About Me: Trough Life And Beyond” (Burning Star Records, 2006), and “From Within” (Lion Music Records, 2009).
In 2010, Titta Tani left the band, the band’s choice was to continue as a foursome, Andrea Casali became Singer and Bass Player at the same time

In 2013 the band signed with the italian label Scarlet Records and release in 2014 their third album “Broken Balance” and the first music video with the single “Losing my Ego”.

During these years Astra performed in many gigs and festivals in Italy and Europe such as Power Prog Metal Fest in Mons (Belgium), sharing the stage with many important bands like Scorpions, Helloween, Stratovarius, Gamma Rey, Queensryche, Behemoth and artist like Jordan Rudess, Russel Allen, Andrè Matos.